An education-based online course that teaches you holistic principles to help improve autoimmunity


Is Autoimmune Disease Lowering Your Quality Of Life?

Inside this fun and interactive online course course we walk you through the easy to understand basics of what autoimmune disease is, so you can learn how to address the underlying root causes of your health problems, and not just treat the symptoms you're experiencing.

Inside this course you will have lifetime access to a detailed and scientifically-formulated program, created by Craig McCloskey, MCHC & Bethany Paszkowski, RDN, CPT


After going through our advanced program, Asher started seeing health differently. His energy levels sky-rocketed, he burned fat, and sculpted a nice amount of muscle mass. But most importantly, he learned the tips he can apply to create health the rest of his life. Watch the video below to hear how Asher changed his life.



Craig McCloskey is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University, where he received his Bachelor's of Science degree in Nutritional Sciences as well as a minor in the study of kinesiology. While attending Penn State he was a dual-sport collegiate athlete, playing baseball and swimming, and spent his summers off as an ocean lifeguard on the Eastern Shore.

Additionally, Craig attended the Institute of Transformational Nutrition where he received credentials as a Master Certified Health Coach, specializing in weight loss, autoimmune diseases, digestive health, cancer, diabetes, and more. The institute provides professionals with the scientific study of human health through a lens of holistic wellness including biological, psychological, and spiritual areas of life.

Currently, Craig is the full-time resident nutritionist at The Model Health Show, featured as the #1 fitness and nutrition podcast on iTunes. He resides in Wilmington, North Carolina with his girlfriend, Bethany, and his dog, Koda, where he enjoys cooking, reading, and surfing gnarly waves.

A Dietitian Approved Autoimmune Cookbook

You'll receive a PDF version of our 40+ page animal-based cookbook that takes the guess work out of eating healthy and helping to reset autoimmune disease symptoms. We've done the hard work for you, all you have to do is cook and enjoy the delicious recipes. Inside this printable PDF you will have all you need to make eating healthy easy!

Certified Personal Trainer Formulated Workout Guide

Inside this workout guide you will receive three of our favorite workouts from our 30 and 60 day programs, designed to help you learn the basics, maximize your energy levels, and burn fat!



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"If you get the chance to take the challenge, I would tell you to drop everything that you're doing and sign up immediately."




Jump into the program, and if you don’t absolutely love it, you can cancel at anytime. Plus, within the first 30-days, if you don’t feel the program was loaded with value, you can just send me a quick email and I’ll immediately refund your money. I want you to be blown away by what you receive in this program, and with this 100% money-back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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